818Computer Inc.


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Are you looking for a new computer? Are you on a tight budget? With over 10 years of experience we are happy to help you. We have many used computers and refurbished computers that you can choose from. We carry a wide selection of used computer, including Dell and HP and Apple computers or if you are interested in a laptop we have many HP and Dell and and many more laptops to choose from.

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A Full-Service Retail Store

Visit our retail store, located in Winnetka, California. Browse our large selection of new and used laptops and desktops, monitors, and other computer accessories. Our selection changes all the time. you can get an up to date listing on the inventory section on our site. We have a staff of technicians on site ready to help and serve you. We offer free estimates on all computer issues and repairs.


Complete Professional Service

We're not "geeks". We're also not rocket scientists. We're regular people, like you. We know you want a hassle-free experience at a reasonable price. At 818Computer, we go the extra mile to give that to you. We'll also be there to answer any questions about how your computer works.


Computer Slow? We do checkups

You go to the doctor's office for a check-up on your health. You take your car in for a check-up on its health. You might not have known your computer needs checkups as well! Over time, your computer can get crowded up with junk files, buggy software, and even malware. If not checked, your computer will gradually slow to a crawl. That's where we come in - we do checkups to make your computer look great again.